Nightmares and Night Mares (FIReNVY Remix)


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Hey everypony! This is probably the best I've done so far! I spent about nine hours on this project: 7.5 on the song and 1.5 on the awesome pumpkin! Yes, I carved that and yes the skull candle is bleeding! =)


Icky's Original:
(For those of you that don't know, he changed his name to Icky from KeepOnRockin'. You can find his new channel here: )

I simply love this song! I still think that some EQ and stereo work could be done on it, but, eh...
...and yes the intro is very close to Icky's (formerly KeepOnRockin's) song, but I think that my awesome voice and light retro dubstep-y/techno-y feel make it worth it!
What do you guys think? I'm always looking for advice!

I do not claim to own anything copyrighted by Hasbro, the Hub, or DHX. I do however claim some responsibility for the image and the music (srsly, 9 hrs!). Please ask permission before using either.


released October 24, 2012



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